Gill Render
Background Information
Feature Films Finding Nemo
Finding Dory
Video Games
Voiced by Willem Dafoe
Animated by
Character Information
Species Moorish Idol
Other Names
Home A tank (formerly)
the ocean (currently)
Friends Nemo
Deb and Flo
Enemies The dentist
Likes Coming up with plans, Nemo, the ocean
Disikes His plans failing, not being able to help Nemo, the dentist, Darla
Powers and Abilities
Quote '
Gill is a male Moorish Idol fish and a minor character in the upcoming film Disney's Finding Dory.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gill is a thin-bodied fish who is more than twice the size of Nemo. He is striped black and white with yellow smudges and he has a white snout with a small yellow patch on the top. Scars run down his right side and he has a half-shredded fin, although he can swim with it.

Personality Edit

Gill is, for the most part, a quiet, deep-thinking fish with a solitary attitude. He is the self-appointed leader of the Tank Gang and is the one who gave Nemo his temporary new name, "Sharkbait". Although he is tough and brash, he has a soft spot for Nemo, obviously considering him the son he never had. He and Nemo also share a special relationship because they both came from the ocean and they both have disfigured fins, although Gill was not born with his, unlike Nemo.

Finding Dory

Gill and The Tank Gang were minor characters at the end in Finding Dory after the credits, Gill, Peach, Bloat, Gurgle, Deb/Flo, Bubbles and Jacques arrive to The Jewels of Morocco Bay California in their bags, but the boaters grabbed them with their fishing nets and took them to the fish hospital.

Trivia Edit

  • Gill's name is based on fish gills, the thin flaps on a fish's sides that allow it to breathe.
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